Licence Assessment

Licence Assessment

What is covered in our Licence Assessment

  • Motorcycle Skills Check on our Range
  • On Road Assessment
  • Debrief Motorcycle Licence Assessment


Licence Assessment Course price as of the 1st July 2019 will be:

Cost: $265.00

using their own bike

Cost: $295.00

using a Baylink bike.
Both prices include all Vic Roads Fees & Charges.


Q : How long does the assessment take.
A : Allow 1.5 hours.

Q : Do I do the assessment with a group?
A : The Licence Assessment is done 1 on 1

Q : What if I cannot remember the route and I get lost ?
A : It is not a Navigational Exercise, if you feel you do not know where to turn, pull over safely and we can explain the directions to you.

Q : What am I being assessed on ?
A : You will be assessed on Safe Riding Behaviors, we are looking at Observation, Speed, Progression, Following Distance, Lateral Position, Operation of Controls, Road Rules, etc

Q : What do I need to bring on the day ?
A : You will need long pants, long sleeves, suitable footwear, Car Licence & Motorcycle Learner Permit.

Q: When can I do my Licence Assessment ?
A : You must hold a Motorcycle Learner Permit for 3 months and have completed the Check Ride Course ( conditions apply ) before attempting the Licence Course. Please call 59791600 for more information.

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