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How Do I Get A Motorbike Licence in Victoria?

How do I get my motorbike licence in Victoria


This article is designed to help you understand the entire Motorbike Licence journey in Melbourne, Vic. It’s a comprehensive guide that will help you navigate your way through the whole process.


Navigating Your Motorbike Licence Journey in Melbourne with Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre: Step-by-Step Guide to your bike Learners Permit VIC and beyond

This comprehensive guide, brought to you by Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre, is your roadmap to obtaining your motorbike licence in Melbourne, Vic.

Revving up the engine of a motorcycle and hitting the Melbourne roads – it’s a dream that’s both thrilling and liberating. If you’ve felt the pull of the open road, the wind in your hair, and the engine’s hum beneath you, you’re in the right place. From new bike riders just starting out, to obtaining a motorcycle learner permit right through to conquering the licence assessment, we’ve covered all the twists and turns in the article below.

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1. Getting Started: Understanding Eligibility and Prerequisites for Motorbike Licence Vic

  • Age and Licensing Basics: Your journey begins when you are at least 18 years of age. You will need either a Victorian car driver’s license or a Victorian car learner permit.
  • What happens if you do not have your car learner permit or a valid car licence? In that case, you will need to obtain a VicRoads customer number and pass the VicRoads car learner permit test before you are eligible to start the Motorbike Licence Journey. A hazard perception test needs to be passed before undertaking your licence assessment.
  • Go to the VicRoads website to obtain these.

2. Enrolling in a Motorcycle Learners Permit Course

With eligibility squared away, it’s time to enrol in the Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre’s two-day Learner Permit course. Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre offers the whole array of courses required to gain a valid Motorbike Licence in Melbourne, Vic. Based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Hastings, surrounded by quiet country-like roads, ideal conditions in which to learn to ride.

In order to obtain a Motorbike Licence in Melbourne, Victoria, it is mandatory to complete a motorcycle learner permit course as per the guidelines set by VicRoads. This course is designed to equip riders with the necessary knowledge and skills to ride a motorcycle safely and confidently on the road, independently. The learner permit course is an intensive, two-day program that will provide you with the basics of motorcycle control and safe riding practices. Topics covered include various aspects of motorcycle riding, such as road rules and regulations, basic motorbike riding skills, emergency braking and finishing with and on-road Motorcycle Assessment.

Upon successfully completing the course, riders are issued with a motorcycle learner’s permit, valid for 15 months.

Motorbike Learner Course Completion and Assessment

How do I obtain a motorbike learner permit? The requirements for successfully completing the two-day learner permit course are theory and practical skills. During the two-day learner Motorcycle Course, you will undergo an eyesight test, a learner permit knowledge test, and an on-road and off-road assessment.

The learner permit knowledge test

The test is conducted on paper and consists of 32 questions that cover motorcycle-specific road rules. To pass the test, you must answer at least 25 questions correctly, which is a 78% pass mark. The course emphasises the importance of safe riding techniques. We strongly recommend reading the Victorian Motorbike Riders Handbook before diving into our learner permit courses.

Day 1 – Motorbike Learner Permit Course.

On day one of our two-day Motorbike Learner Permit Course, we kick things off by getting hands-on with motorcycle basics.  Review the motorcycle’s main controls and some basic bike-riding techniques. We cover crucial controls like mirrors, brakes, and gears, making sure you’re comfortable with the essentials. The day includes a mix of practical learning and classroom sessions where we discuss roadcraft and go through key theory exercises. We will also discuss essential and safe Motorbike Riding Gear.

At the end of the day, the motorcycle knowledge test will be completed.

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Day Two – Second Stage of obtaining your Motorcycle Learners Permit

On day two, you will be participating in range-riding activities as well as classroom theory sessions. This is a critical stage in your journey towards obtaining your Motorbike Licence.

You will take a motorcycle riding assessment on our range in the late morning of Day Two. This assessment is designed to evaluate your riding skills and ensure that you are confident and competent enough to take your skills on the road.

Once you have passed the on-range assessment, you will be ready to embark on the next stage of your journey, an on-road riding assessment. This is an experience that will help you improve your Motorcycle riding skills and gain more confidence on the road whilst building on what we have learned in the classroom and on our range.

Our team of experienced instructors will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a safe and rewarding experience.

Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre will take you out with an instructor and we will introduce you to riding on the road. You’ll be given coaching and tips out on the road, and you’ll get a taste of being out in traffic and riding a motorcycle on the road.

Once you’ve successfully passed each of these assessments, you will be issued a Victorian Motorcycle Learner permit at the end of day two.  You will now be able to ride a motorbike independently, on the road for the next 15 months.

Overseas Licence Conversion Course

What are the restrictions with a Motorbike Learner Permit?

It is important to note that with this Motorbike Learner Permit, you are allowed to ride a motorcycle on the road subject to certain restrictions. For details on those restrictions please see our blog and video.

Choosing between weekday and weekend motorcycle courses, costs and duration.

What is the cost of a two-day learner motorcycle course in Melbourne? With Baylink, the fee for the course is $510 during the week and $579 on a weekend.

Baylink prides itself on keeping courses as well-priced as possible whilst maintaining its focus on expertise and customer service.  That said, if your budget is a little tighter, doing a weekday course can help save a little extra money.

The cost includes all VicRoads fees and charges, use of our manual motorbike or scooter and all riding gear (helmet, gloves, jacket, vest).

3. Check Ride Course: Preparing for a Motorbike Licence Vic

The Check Ride is a crucial step towards obtaining your Victorian Motorbike Licence.

Course Duration and Class Size:  Motorbike Licence Check Ride Essentials

This comprehensive course spans 3.5 hours and accommodates up to 5 students, ensuring a personalised and focused learning experience crucial for becoming a safe and confident licenced Motorcyclist.

PREPARATION REQUIREMENT: Gearing Up for the Motorbike Licence Check Ride

Before taking part in the Check Ride, it is important to feel comfortable and confident on the motorcycle, this requires a certain level of readiness.  After obtaining your motorcycle learner permit, ride often for short stretches of time (30 minutes) initially.  Start by riding in low traffic areas. Assume always that other road users cannot see you. Wear all of the safety gear all of the time. Practice your skills progressively, over time, riding in different conditions.

ON-RANGE COMPONENT: Motorcycle Licence Proficiency

The course encompasses an on-range component where students receive expert instruction and guidance on vital aspects such as emergency braking, slow riding techniques, cornering, manoeuvring and overall bike control.

ON-ROAD EXPERIENCE: A 50km Ride Towards Motorcycle Licence Competency:

An essential part of the Check Ride is a 50 km on-road journey during which students ride in front of an instructor and receive real-time feedback on their riding skills. This feedback is invaluable for improving riding skills.

Prioritising Safety in the Motorcycle Check Ride

During the Check Ride, a main focus is on safety. The participants engage in discussions about the five common accident types that novice riders experience and practical tips on how to minimise these risks. Furthermore, the criteria for the upcoming license assessment will be explained in detail.


After passing the Check Ride, students must wait a minimum of one calendar month before taking the final licence assessment in line with regulatory requirements.

Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre Check Ride Course Costs and bookings can be found here.

4. Final Motorbike Licence Assessment

In this one-on-one Motorbike Licence assessment, you’ll undergo an on-range evaluation followed by a road ride assessment. During the road ride you’ll receive directions and an instructor will follow. It’s important to note that no tuition will be given during this assessment.

You will be expected to demonstrate competency in controlling the motorcycle, safe riding behaviour and demonstrating your knowledge of the road rules.

If at any time you lose control of the motorcycle, breach the Victorian road rules or ride in a dangerous or unsafe manner during the assessment, this will result in a failed outcome.

At the end of the ride, you will be debriefed, and if successful, you will be issued a Victorian Motorbike Licence

Congratulations and well done if you’ve just passed your motorcycle licence assessment, you have now been issued a Victorian motorcycle licence. However, you are now subject to what is called an E condition on that motorcycle licence. The E condition applies for the first three years from the time you obtain your motorcycle licence.

Post Motorbike Licence E Conditions

You are only allowed to ride a Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAMS) for the first three years. During this time, you must not have any alcohol in your system and you are not permitted to carry passengers. Wearing a reflective vest becomes optional but you must wear an approved protective helmet. If you are a probationary driver of your car, you must display a P plate on the back of your motorcycle. However, once your probationary period for your car expires, you can remove the P plate, regardless of whether you are still under the E condition or not. If you have a full car licence, you should not put a P plate on your motorcycle:  Refer to the VicRoads Distracted Driver Road Rules regarding mobile phones.

How Much Does the Motorbike Licence Assessment Cost?

5. Overseas Motorcycle Licence Conversion

Depending on which country you have come from, conditions apply on Converting your Motorbike Licence to a Victorian One. To start the process, you should contact VicRoads to confirm if your current motorcycle license is issued by a recognised country. If your license is from a recognised country, you won’t need any additional training. VicRoads will assist you in organizing the conversion process of your Licence. More details on our Motorcycle Licence Conversion Course.

However, if your overseas licence is not from a recognised country you can enrol in Baylink Motorcycle Training Centres Two Day Overseas Motorcycle Licence Conversion course to have your International licence converted to a Motorcycle licence Victoria – in just two days!

We are experts in Overseas Motorcycle Licence Conversions, our experienced Instructors and office staff will guide you through the process.

6. Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre: Your Partner on the Road

Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre, nestled in Hastings, Melbourne, stands as the go-to hub for individuals embarking on the journey to acquiring a motorcycle licence. With a commitment to excellence, our comprehensive courses navigate each stage, fostering the development of essential skills and knowledge crucial for safe and confident riding. Whether you’re stepping into the world of motorcycling through the Learner Permit Course, progressing with the Check Ride, or undertaking the Licence Assessment, Baylink is your trusted provider, offering expert guidance every step of the way.


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