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Motorcycle Learner Permit

What You Should Know About Motorcycle Learner Permit

  • Mar 24, 2015
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To hit the road, every car owner must have a licence. And for you to ride your motorcycle, you also need to have a permit. Otherwise, you will be risking your life on the road. Talk of the cops who will ask you for your motorcycle permit, the crazy fines to pay and perhaps never get to ride on the road.

To be on a safer side, you need to get a motorcycle permit or licence.

However, when still taking tests, you will require a motorcycle learner permit. This is to avoid problems with the police and as well as aware the other road users that you are a learner.

To become a motorcycle learner permit holder, there are necessary requirements you must meet. The following are the conditions that you have to accomplish:

• Have complete knowledge of traffic rules
• Have a learner permit that allows you to ride motorcycles under category A, A1, A2 AND Am.

Age is not a factor when it comes to applying for motorcycle learner permit. You do not have to worry if you are below 18 years of age. What matters is that you should have your motorcycle learner’s permit 6 months earlier as you wait to take a driving test.
Here are top 3 things to avoid when you are a motorcycle holder:

• Riding without a helmet
• Riding on motorways
• Carrying a passenger in your motorcycle.


Tests You Need to Take and How to Pass Them


Where road is concerned, eyesight becomes a factor. If your eyesight is not perfect, there is no way you will be allowed to ride. You have to realise and accept this fact. The very first test to take is an eyesight test. During this test, you will be required to read numbers or letters from a distance. You have to be very accurate in order to pass this test.

The second test to pass is the written exam. This requires you to expound on the knowledge about motorcycle and its rules. It entails reading road signs correctly and explaining laws. Normally, this test is close to 32 questions and you need to get at least 25 correct answers.

Your knowledge about road rules will be an added advantage. It’s simple, provide safe road usage. Once you have passed these tests, it’s time to prove yourself on the road. This test is usually the final and the most challenging one. Nevertheless, if you want to earn a motorcycle learner permit from Victoria, you will have to do it correctly.

Practical Riding Test


The theory you have learned in class will be now demonstrated in this test. You perhaps have memorised how you get to control indicators, lights and horning. This is the first thing you will do during the first part of the test.

Second part consists how to make turns: left and right. After that, you will then power on your bike and ride it. For first time learners, it is always done at slow speed. As you continue with practice, you will become better and can ride at high speed.

Once you have passed this test, you are qualified to get a motorcycle learner permit. You are then allowed to apply for a bike licence after 3 months. It is valid for 15 months only. However, if you decide to continue riding your bike, you must apply before this period expires.


Two Types of Motorcycle Licenses


M1 Motorcycle License


Successful application for M1 Motorcycle allows you to ride a bike of your choice. It could be a bike with an attached motor or scooter or whatever you may prefer. What matters most, is that you have passed the test and understand what riding on the road means.


M2 motorcycle License


This type of licence allows you to ride a bicycle with an attached motor, a moped or any other motorised scooter.

The M category of motorcycles has an engine capacity of 49cc and a maximum speed of 45kph. You can ride the M motorcycles as long as you are above 16 years of age. They are one of the safest to ride as long as you hold a motorcycle learner permit. But not to worry, when you have a bike licence, you are capable of riding any motorcycle machine.

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