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Can I use my mobile phone while I’m riding my motorcycle?

mobile phone motorcycle riding

One of the biggest questions that we get asked from our students is, “Can I use my mobile phone while I’m riding my motorcycle?” The short answer is, yes you can, but only for certain things and there are certain restrictions around that use, so we’re going to go over them today.

You can use your mobile phone on your motorcycle for navigation purposes and you can also use it for listening to music, but there are certain restrictions in relation to that. You’re not allowed to touch your mobile phone while you are riding. The mobile phone must be secured in a commercially manufactured phone holder.

That holder must be securely fastened to the motorcycle and the phone must be securely held by this holder. So if you’re going to use your phone for navigation, you must set the phone up and enter your destination before you start riding. If you do need to change the destination for any reason, you must pull over and park your motorcycle to do so.

It’s the same for music. If you are listening to music, you must have it set up before you actually start riding. And again, you are not allowed to change songs or change any settings on your phone while you are riding. You must always pull over and park your motorcycle before you can touch your mobile phone.

You are not, however, allowed to use your mobile phone to make phone calls, send text messages, watch videos, anything like that. So, just to recap, the mobile phone must be in a commercially manufactured mounted holder, properly secured to the bike and properly mounted in that holder. You must have it set up before you start your journey.

You are not allowed to touch that mobile phone while you are riding your motorcycle.


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