The Motorcycle Check Ride is designed to evaluate a rider’s riding skills and knowledge to ensure they can safely operate a motorcycle on the roads of Victoria.


The “Check Ride” plays a pivotal role as the second stage in your journey towards acquiring the coveted Victorian Motorcycle Licence.
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Your Journey Begins Here

At Baylink, we understand the critical importance of the motorcycle check ride course. It’s not just an evaluation; it is a 3.5 hour training session ensuring your path to the freedom of the open road is safe one. We take pride in being your chosen provider, offering the expertise and support you need to navigate this journey.

Discover the Baylink Advantage:

  • Highly experienced instructors dedicated to your success.
  • Comprehensive training programs tailored to your needs.
  • State-of-the-art facilities to hone your riding skills.

check ride Course Overview

Progression Towards Victorian Motorcycle Licence

The Check Ride signifies a crucial step towards attaining your Victorian Motorcycle Licence.

Course Duration and Class Size:

This comprehensive course spans 3.5 hours and accommodates up to 5 students, ensuring a personalized and focused learning experience.

Preparation Requirement:

 It is essential for students to feel comfortable and confident on their motorcycles before participating in the Check Ride, which demands a certain level of readiness.

On-Range Component:

The course encompasses an on-range segment where students receive expert guidance on vital aspects such as emergency braking, slow riding techniques, mastering corner lines, and overall bike control.

On-Road Experience:

An integral part of the Check Ride involves an approximately 50km on-road journey. Here, students ride in front of an instructor, receiving real-time feedback on their riding skills, which is invaluable for improvement.


 Safety takes center stage during the Check Ride. Participants delve into discussions on the five main accident types often encountered by novice riders, along with practical tips on minimizing these risks. Additionally, the criteria for the upcoming licence assessment will be thoroughly explained.

License Assessment Timing:

Upon successful completion of the Check Ride, students are required to observe a waiting period of one calendar month before proceeding to the final licence assessment, aligning with the regulatory requirements.

How to Register for the Check Ride

Registration Process:

To register for the Motorcycle Check Ride, follow these simple steps:

  • Contact Us: Get in touch with our team through the “Contact Us” button above, or give us a call to inquire about available Check Ride dates and availability.

  • Book Now: If you’re ready to secure your spot for the Check Ride, click on the “Book Now” button. You’ll be directed to our booking system, where you can choose a date and time that suits your schedule.

  • Prepare Your Motorcycle Gear: Before the Check Ride, ensure that your motorcycle is roadworthy, registered and L plates displayed. Safety is our top priority.  Baylink Motorcycles are available for hire if you require one.

  • Arrive on Time: On the day of your Check Ride, arrive at our training centre on the Mornington Peninsula at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, to complete the VicRoads application form. 
  • Why Choose Baylink

    At Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre, we take immense pride in what sets us apart from the competition. We understand that when it comes to motorcycle training, choosing the right provider is crucial. Here’s why Baylink stands out:

    Expertise of Our Instructors

    Our team of instructors brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. They are not just trainers; they are mentors and riding enthusiasts who are passionate about what they do.

    Focus on Safety

    Safety is at the core of everything we do. We understand that safe riding is paramount, and we instill this principle into every aspect of our training.

    Industry Recognition

    Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre is recognised and respected within the industry. We have built a reputation for excellence in training and safety.

    Proven Success

    Over the years, we have had countless students successfully complete our training programs and go on to become confident and skilled riders. Our track record of success speaks volumes about the quality of our training.

    Trust and Credibility

    We understand that trust is earned, and we work tirelessly to earn the trust of our students. We are transparent in our approach, ensuring that students know what to expect from our training programs.
    When you choose Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre, you are choosing a partner in your journey towards becoming a skilled and confident rider. Our focus on expertise, safety, proven success, and trust and credibility ensures that you receive the best training available in the industry. We are dedicated to your success, and we look forward to helping you achieve your riding goals.
    Driving Instructor Showing Motorcycle Commands

    Your Path to Motorcycle Mastery:

    At Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre, we’re committed to helping you become a skilled and safe rider. The Check Ride is the second critical milestone on your journey towards achieving your Victorian Motorcycle Licence. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, from Learner Permit, to Check Ride and the final license assessment.



    $ 255
    • + $40 bike hire if using Baylink Bike


    $ 275
    • + $40 bike hire if using Baylink Bike
    Both prices include all VIC Roads Fees & Charges.


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