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The licence assessment is the final stage of your motorcycle licence journey.

This is conducted one on one where you will be taken through an on range assessment followed by a road ride.

On the road ride you will be given directions and an instructor will follow. No tuition will be given during this assessment.

At the end of the ride you will be debriefed and if successful issued with a Victorian motorcycle licence.

The licence will be subject to an E condition which restricts the rider to a LAMS approved motorcycle, zero blood alcohol level and no passengers for the first 3 years.

The licence automatically becomes a full licence after the 3 year period.

The licence assessment involves:

  • an off-road riding skill assessment, and
  • an on-road safe riding assessment.

The off-road assessment checks your ability to safely control a motorcycle.  This includes: 

  • a controlled stop
  • a sharp left turn
  • a slow ride
  • a change of path
  • safe path through a curve and a quick stop.

After demonstrating competency in all of the off-road tasks, your riding skills are then assessed on-road. The length of time is dependent on your location of the assessment, traffic and weather conditions.  

In addition to motorcycle control, during the on-road ride you are assessed on your safe riding behaviours (roadcraft), including; 

  • observation skills, 
  • safe speed choice, and
  • lane position.

You’ll need to maintain control of your motorcycle at all times and demonstrate your understanding of the road rules. Any loss of control, dangerous behaviour or breach of the road rules will result in a failed assessment.

  • performing ‘head checks’ when joining the traffic
  • turning at intersections
  • change lanes, merging and diverging 
  • checking it is safe to proceed at intersections and traffic lights
  • looking in direction of travel when moving off and turning

Choosing a safe speed is critical to safe riding on-road. You’ll be assessed on your ability to recognise and respond to situations where you need to slow down.  However, if traffic and weather conditions allow you’ll need to demonstrate confidently travelling at the speed limit. You’ll also need to maintain a safe gap when behind other vehicles at all times.

Moving away (buffering) from hazards such as other vehicles and pedestrians is essential to safe riding. You’ll be assessed on your ability to choose a safe and legal position on the road that maximises space from hazards.

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only ride a motorcycle that is approved under the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS)

can not carry a pillion passenger (a motorcycle and sidecar is acceptable with a passenger)

must ride with zero blood alcohol concentration (BAC)

If you have a Victorian car licence and are still within the probationary period, then you must display your plates until your period runs out. 


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