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Motorcycle Learners Permit in Victoria (VIC)

What is a Motorcycle Learners Permit?

In Victoria, a Motorcycle Learners Permit is the first step for anyone looking to ride a motorcycle on the road. It's a legal requirement that ensures riders have the essential knowledge and skills to operate a motorcycle safely.

Why You Need a Learners Permit in VIC

To legally learn to ride on Victorian roads, you must hold a valid learner's permit. It's not just about legality; it's about preparing you for the responsibilities of riding and ensuring the safety of, you the rider, and all road users.

Getting Started with Your Motorcycle Learners Permit

Step 1: Understanding the Requirements

Before you can kick-start your journey to becoming a motorcyclist, you need to be 18 years of age, a Victorian resident, and hold a valid Victorian car drivers’ licence or learner permit. If you do not hold either of these, then you will need to obtain a VicRoads customer number and successfully pass the VicRoads motorcar learner permit and hazard perception tests. Contact the VicRoads customer service centre for more information around this.

Step 2: Preparing for the Learner Permit Course

To ensure you’re ready for the learner permit course, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the Victorian Rider Handbook and understand the rules and regulations of motorcycle riding in Victoria. Download the Victorian Rider handbook here.

The Learner Permit Course

Overview of the Two-Day Course

The learner permit course is an intensive, two-day program designed to equip you with the basics of motorcycle control and safe riding practices.

Day 1 of the Course:

During the first day you will learn the necessary skills to control your motorcycle such as learning how to ride in a straight line and how to break safely. Additionally, you will begin to learn the skill of cornering along with how to change gears and more skills on bike control.  

  • Basic riding skills. How to use the controls; mirrors, brakes, gears, etc.
  • How to get moving, stop, turn and change gears
  • A discussion on the unique aspects of motorcycling
  • An introduction to roadcraft tactics
  • What to look for when buying riding gear
  • Motorcycle knowledge assessment

Day 2 of the Course:

The second day will build on what you have learned on day one. While on a range, you are riding with other riders and learn the skills to navigate safely. You will also learn further skill sets for controlling your bike. At the end of the day, you will be assessed on your skills.

  • Slow speed manoeuvring skills
  • Steering and cornering
  • Emergency braking
  • Strategies for safe riding
  • A simulated road ride (off-road assessment on the training range)
  • An on-road assessment

Learners Permit Course Completion and Assessment

To successfully complete the course, you'll need to demonstrate your understanding of the material covered and show competent motorcycle handling skills in a safe and controlled environment on our range and out on the open road with other road users.

Costs and Fees


    $ 510


    $ 579


Both prices include all VIC Roads Fees & Charges.
Repeat Day 1 or Day 2 Course Days due to Failure will be charged at the day’s rate.

Preparing for the Course

Make sure you have all the necessary identification and paperwork sorted prior to your course date to avoid any hiccups. Safety is paramount, so gear up with a long-sleeved top, long pants, long socks and enclosed shoes during the course, Baylink will provide you with a long-sleeved jacket, gloves, helmet, high visibility vest and other approved protective equipment to ensure you’re ready for the practical elements of the course.

You’ll need to bring the following:

  • your original evidence of identity documents ie: Victorian driver’s licence or car learner permit
  • full skin coverage – long sleeve top, long socks and long pants to protect your skin
  • closed-in footwear; boots or runners (generally a low heel is best, steel caps are not recommended)
  • lunch and water.  There are some nearby shops to purchase your lunch, please ask one of our team to find out where. Alternatively, bring your lunch we have a kitchen and refrigerator for your use. It gets hot out on the range in full protective gear, bring a water bottle, re-fill it throughout the day and stay hydrated.
  • protective eyewear e.g. sunglasses. If you’re required to wear prescription glasses, then you must wear them during the course and assessment period
  • wet weather riding gear (if applicable on the day). Alternatively, we can supply you with this

Learning Outcomes

Skills and Knowledge Acquired

By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid foundation in the basics of motorcycle operation and riding, as well as an understanding of road laws as they pertain to motorcyclists.

Road Safety and Responsible Riding Practices

The course emphasizes the importance of responsible riding. You’ll learn about road safety, hazard perception, and how to handle your bike in various traffic conditions.

After the Learners Permit Course

Receiving Your Learners Permit

Upon passing the course, you’ll receive your Victorian motorcycle learner permit, which allows you to ride under certain conditions while you gain experience (refer to our video under the Learner Permit FAQ’s tab where we talk about these conditions) These conditions are: 

  • your motorcycle headlight must be on at all times while riding
  • you must wear an approved high visibility vest that is fitted and fastened
  • you must display an L plate on the rear of you motorcycle at all times, visible from 20 metres
  • you must carry your motorcycle Learner Permit or receipt at all times while riding
  • you are only permitted to ride and learner approved motorcycle (LAMS)
  • you must not carry a pillion passenger
  • you are not permitted to lane filter
  • you must have a zero blood alcohol concentration when riding your motorcycle
  • you cannot tow a trailer or any other vehicle
  • you must wear an approved protective helmet at all times while riding
  • you cannot touch a mobile phone or other devices when riding or stationary (refer to our video on baylinkmc youtube ‘Can I use my mobile phone on a motorbike?’ where we discuss mobile phones and motorcycles)

Next Steps Towards Full Licence

Your learner’s permit is valid for 15 months, giving you plenty of time to practice and prepare for the next step: the check ride and eventually, obtaining your full motorcycle licence in Victoria.

Motorcycle Learners Permit VIC FAQs

What is an on-road assessment?

Before you ride on-road you’ll need to show that you have good control of the motorcycle by repeating some riding exercises that you’ve learnt over the course during the off-road assessment (conducted on our range).  If you successfully pass the off-road assessment, you will then be taken to complete the on-road assessment.

The on-road component is a ‘real world’ assessment of safe and legal riding behaviours. The riding instructor will take you out in a group to a pre-determined route to assess your ability to manage your motorcycle and understand road rules. During the assessment, you will take turns leading the group (including your instructor) through the route. You’ll be familiarised with the route prior to leading. Please note: It is not a navigational exercise, so if you get lost, you will not be penalised.

What does Baylink Motorcycle Training Centre provide on the days

  • fully registered, roadworthy learner approved motorcycle or scooter. 
  • an approved motorcycle helmet
  • an approved high-visibility vest
  • motorcycle jacket
  • gloves
  • wet weather riding gear (if applicable on the day)

Can I get my licence on a scooter?

Yes, you can. In Victoria, it is possible to obtain a motorcycle licence by riding a scooter.

However, you are only permitted to ride motorcycles with automatic transmissions. This means you are restricted from riding motorcycles with manual transmissions.

The licensing system in Victoria differentiates between motorcycles with manual and automatic transmissions. If you hold an automatic motorcycle licence, it indicates that you have completed your training and testing on an automatic motorcycle and have not been assessed for riding a manual motorcycle.

It’s important to consult the official website of the Victorian Government or the VicRoads website to get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding motorcycle licencing and the specific requirements for different licence classes.

How long before I can do my motorcycle license assessment?

You must hold a VIC Motorcycle L/P for a minimum of 3 months before doing your licence assessment. You must also complete your motorcycle Check Ride assessment at a minimum of one calendar month, or more, before doing your motorcycle Licence assessment.


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