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Learner Permit Course OLD

The Victorian motorcycle learner course is conducted over 2 days with up to 6 students. We will cover all of the controls of the motorcycle and teach students how to use the clutch and gears.

Students will learn how to corner safely on the motorcycle and use corner lines to increase their safety on the road.

We will also cover emergency braking and run through exercises to give students a good overall knowledge of riding their motorcycles.

Students will undergo an on range riding Assessment during the second day of training covering exercises that are practiced over the course.

Upon successful completion of the on range assessment students will be taken on a road ride to introduce them to riding on the road.

Once students have successfully completed the 2 day learner course they will be issued with a Victorian motorcycle learner permit allowing them to ride on the road unsupervised.

Learner Permit Course
Learner Permit
  • Learner Permit Course Week Days Cost
  • Total $ 510
  • Learner Permit Course Weekends Cost
  • Total $ 569
Both prices include all VIC Roads Fees & Charges.
Repeat Day 1 or Day 2 Course Days due to Failure will be charged at the day’s rate.


How long is a Learner Permit Valid for?

A Victorian Motorcycle Learner Permit is valid for 15 months.

How long before I can do my Motorcycle Licence Assessment?

You must hold a VIC Motorcycle L/P for 3 months ( Conditions Apply )

Do I have to do the 2 Days in a row?

No, but Day 2 has to completed within 8 days of Day 1.

What time do L/P Days 1 & 2 start and finish?

Both Days of the Course start at 8am and run through to about 3pm.

What do I need to bring?

Long pants, long sleeves and suitable footwear. VIC Car Licence, Lunch.


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Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm; Satuday: 10am to 2pm
7300-7398 Colonial Rd, Brooklyn 242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn
+ (123) 124-567-8901 + (123) 124-567-8901
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