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Overseas Licence Conversion Course OLD

Do you hold an overseas motorcycle licence and wish to convert it to a Victorian motorcycle licence?

Baylink specialise in making this possible.

The first thing you will need to do is contact VicRoads to find out if your licence is from a recognized country. If so you will not need to undertake any further training.You will need to attend a VicRoads office where they will organize the conversion.

If your licence is not from a recognized country you will need to attend a VicRoads office to have your motorcycle licence and riding experience verified. Once verified, VicRoads will make a note on your file confirming your licence can be converted to a Victorian motorcycle licence

If you do not hold a Victorian car licence you will also need to obtain a VicRoads Customer Number as well as successfully passing the motor car Learner Permit Test and Hazard perception test.You need to complete this before booking your overseas motorcycle conversion course.

Baylink motorcycle training

What training is involved?

Once everything is verified with VicRoads you will be required to successfully complete the 2 day motorcycle learner course.

Upon successful completion of the 2 day Learner Course you will undertake the licence assessment. Once this is successfully completed Baylink will issue you with a Victorian Motorcycle Licence.

The licence assessment takes approximately 1 hour and is conducted at the end of day 2 on the 2 Day Learner Course so there is no requirement to re-attend Baylink at a later date to complete the licence assessment.

What do I need to bring?

If you hold a current Victorian car licence showing your current Victorian address this is sufficient identification. You will also need your overseas licence.

If you do not hold a Victorian car licence you will need the following.

  1. Proof of Victorian residence which can be a bank statement or utilities bill in your name showing your current Victorian address.
  2. Passport confirming your identity.
  3. VicRoads Customer Number.
  4. Overseas motorcycle licence.
  5. Proof you have successfully completed the motor car Learner Test and Hazard Perception Test.
Overseas Licence Conversion
  • Cost $ 799 week days
  • Cost $ 849 weekends
Both prices include all VIC Roads Fees & Charges


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